​Website Checklist for Beginners

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How to create your website copy / content

Before you begin writing your website copy, identify the your audience and stick with it. Find out what attracts them and create your content based on that. One of the best way to create its by being honest and being yourself when creating. Are you funny and like to joke around here and there? Well, make sure to crack a joke here and there. Are you from Boston and you like to say “wicked cool” instead of “very cool”? If so, write that way. People are here to connect with YOU and your business. Oh! One more thing, most people don’t like reading long paragraphs, make sure to keep it short and simple.


Make sure each page has a headline.

Write a short and engaging paragraph that describes the page’s content.

Each page should have no less than 300 words (this will help your SEO).

Try to keep your pages with no more than 600-650 words (unless it’s a blog).


• Short description of your business and your purpose.

• Some information about your services.

• Some interesting facts about your business or yourself.

• Email Newsletter Sign Up (if applicable) or an invite to your social media platforms.


• Photos of you, people like to see whom they are working with.

• Your story and how you got started.

• Some facts about yourself so your audience can relate.



• List of each the services you offer.

• Prices.

• Your process.

• Contact form / Call to action



• Contact form

• Business hours (if applicable)

• Respond time

• Customer review (this will help build trust with your clients)


Thank you for reading, see you next time…

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