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EforAll and EparaTodos has enlisted the services of a professional marketer who is available to work on an individual level with businesses and providing workshops to improve the business performance and online presence. Services include developing marketing plans, analyzing websites and online presences, and social media utilization.


The training is free. Your attendance, effort and active participation is expected. 


Any business located in Lawrence, Andover, or North Andover is eligible to enroll. It is preferred that the owner of the business be the participant taking the classes. In cases where another individual is taking the course on behalf of the business, the business must explain why this person’s enrollment will help the business.


If you attend a workshop and work one on one with our marketing experts, you will receive $250 in credits to create a social media marketing campaign and will receive individual business support to further learn and implement topics discussed during the workshop.


Register by sending an email to or RSVP through our EforAll facebook posts.


Promote and grow your business using Social Media Marketing


  • Benefits of social media for your business

  • Why social media marketing

  • Other social media

  • Identify what social media platform work best for you?

  • Disadvantage of not having a social media presence

  • Do’s and Don'ts to maximize your social media presence

  • Why is important to be active on social media?

  • How to utilize facebook tools and data

  • How to create a facebook page and a marketing campaign

  • Understanding analytics 


Post Workshop Support:

Support Phase:

  • Business Analysis

·         Understanding current online presence

  • Preparation  

·         Content creation 

·         Visualization planning 

  •  Execution

·         Marketing Campaign

·         Presentation 

  • Analytics

·         Follow Up 

·         Results Overview